Monday, June 29, 2009

Responce to post on EFA

Interesting. Checked the classification website and it has a rating of PG with an advisory message saying "Gaming experience may change online". World of Warcraft doesn't have a rating.

Doing a search on the net has brought up this:
"My original question (sent to the OFLC on August 22, 2005) was answered today when the OFLC's Ron Robinson called me to discuss this topic (I sent a followup email a couple days ago after the GTA stuff jogged my memory of this ancient request).

Ron let me know that World of Warcraft was not rated by the OFLC - in fact, was never even submitted for classification - it was a "waste of time" as the game is exclusively online, exclusively multiplayer, and has no defined start and end. Thus it is inherently unclassifiable. " -Source

Now if that is the case, that a solely Online game cannot get a classification how has Eve Online got one?

VANGUARD - SAGA OF HEROES (MMO game, has a rating of M and is available for purchase on shelves now)

I'm looking around the compliance information, but can't see how they come to not being able to classify MMOs

Just something slightly off topic as well "MA15+ is a legally restricted classification. Computer games classified MA15+ can only be sold or hired to people 15 years or older, unless they are accompanied by their parent or guardian,"
I find this very amusing because it is never adhered to in shops when someone buys a game. I recall when I was 13 or so I bought a game rated MA 15+, given I asked my parents permission first but they shop attendant didn't batter an eyelid with me buying it on my own.

Blocking websites where the game does not have a Classification would be covered under the Compliance for sale/hire stuff "Generally, all computer games displayed for sale/hire or being sold/hired must be classified." (source and source )

So based off what they currently have in place blocking sites that sell RC games is based from what they currently have in place, its just being pushed out to the Virtual World. What they'd need to do is have these games classified or a new classification put in place for online games or make them Exempt from Classification which would allow them to be sold.

And so if a game cann't be Classified and is sold in stores like World of Warcraft will there website get filtered out or because its available in a physical shop it will not be filtered out?

Eve-Online was only available to be purchased online for a long time and it now has a box you can buy from shops and if you look at the Classification date for it, it was done this year.

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